The remarkable history of the Seawomen of the Marinecraft Unit, and the first BOAC Stewardesses at Poole.

A Heritage Lottery funded community research project.

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Celebrating the Seawomen of the Marinecraft Unit, and the first BOAC Stewardesses at Poole.


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Setting the Scene: New Horizons


The AYE MA’AM Project was conceived, devised and then undertaken by Poole Flying Boats Celebration (PFBC) (with Heritage Lottery Funding) after much Research into Aviation History, especially the topic of Flying Boats, alongside Poole’s Local History. From an interest group formed by local residents, this has become a Charity - and continued to grow at a rate! So that PFBC has enjoyed many contacts providing first-hand experiences recalled by those who were involved, as well as those often with lasting childhood memories, and general aviation enthusiasts including authors etc.

Over this time, various important details have emerged, which have generated much interest & inspired us all: A particular aspect encountered almost by chance in our Archive, which has been under-researched up-to-now is that of the Story of the BOAC women Seamen (aka Seawomen) at Poole and BOAC Flying Boat Stewardesses. Poole as a Marine Terminal with the Civil Air Flying Boat Fleet, was significant in the development of both roles mostly associated with World War 2 and the occupational progress of women when men went into the Forces. For the pressing demands on the Royal Navy had resulted in BOAC’s Marinecraft Unit losing various personnel who were eligible (vis-à-vis age & health factors) and were called up or enlisted for service, resulting in a void.

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Setting the Scene: New Horizons

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